DARPA’s Pet-Proto


Here’s a short clip of DARPA’s Pet-Proto robot accomplishing autonomous decision making and navigation through three obstacles. DARPA, in collaboration with Boston Dynamics, has created a variety of fascinating robots in the past, including one that can outrun Usain Bolt and another that has a surprisingly human-like gait.

This video marks the launch of the DRC (DAPRA Robotics Challenge), which is scheduled to run for approximately 27 months and include three competitions. The Pet-Proto robot seen here is the predecessor to the Atlas robot, which will be used by teams to complete a variety of difficult tasks in the competitions including using power tools, navigating rough terrain, climbing ladders, and driving vehicles. The tasks have an emphasis on adaptability to various tools and environments, with the eventual goal of extending robotic aid to victims of natural disasters and making repairs in degraded environments.

The winning team of the DRC will win a $2 million prize. You can find out more about the competition here.

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